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At Royal Palm Montessori Academy, our mission is to provide children with a safe learning environment where they are motivated to learn, encouraged to explore their surroundings, and stimulated cognitively as well as socially.As parents and professionals we have learned that our children's education begin as soon as they are conceived . Research has shown that even during the infancy stage, children who are read to, frequently spoken to, and who receive sensory stimulation develop far many more neural connections, which facilitate cognitive abilities later on.

It is our goal to provide children with a sense of acceptance and nurturing that will prepare them for a successful academic future and above all allows them to develop lasting, positive social relationships. We strongly believe that some of the most important lessons children will learn stem from positive interactions with one another. Therefore, we strive to provide them with an environment that fosters social warmth, affection, and personal closeness.

The school's director has been a part of the family business for over 15 years and obtained her Bachelor's degree from Harvard University. She also holds a Master's degree in child psychology from Nova University and is Montessori certified. Come and see a warm, loving and nurturing montessori program where preschool children thrive socially, emotionally, and academically, serving Boca and Broward cities Since 1980