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Practical Life
The practical life section is the most important area in the RPMA classroom. It is through these materials that the child develops the self-confidence, control and concentration essential for mastery of the other more advanced area of a Montessori class.

The sensorial materials help the child to become aware of detail. Each of the activities isolate one defining quality, such as color, weight, shape, texture, size, sound and smell. It is in this area that math concepts are first introduced and internalized.

The language area contains many learning opportunities such as:
•Learning the shapes and sounds of the letters
• Perfecting the fine motor skills for writing
• Vocabulary development
• Matching of words and pictures
• Reading silently
• Reading development-reading word lists, sentences, stories
• Parts of speech-word games with nouns, verbs and adjectives

By using concrete materials during the early years, the child can learn the basic concepts of mathematics. Montessori education provides many materials to develop mathematical skills. Not only will the child be able to know quantities and systems but will understand the process as well

Science is an integral element of the Montessori curriculum. The program is designed to cultivate the child's curiosity and determination to discover the truth for themselves. They learn how to observe patiently, analyze, and work at each problem.

Social Studies
RPMA offers many opportunities for the child to expand knowledge of the world during the early years when they are motivated by spontaneous interest. The materials provided in the social studies area spark this interest. Some of the materials in this area are: Land and Water Globe, Continent Globe, World Map Puzzle, picture packets of animals and people in other countries and career exploration.

At RPMA we strive to offer our students a comprehensive and all inclusive curriculum which offers the opportunity to learn using a hands on approach and develops the mind as well as the body. Aside from the lessons taught in the classroom, the children will also be taking Spanish classes three times a week. Our Art teacher introduces the concept of art history, art methods, art tools, and free artistic expression to our preschoolers twice per week. Children will also have use of our Computer Lab on a weekly basis where they will have access to the MECS Montessori inspired computer programs. Physical education is also very important and our PE instructor, teaches PE classes during the morning
playground time to all of our students.

Parent Involvement
We welcome the families of our students with open arms. Their involvement in our students education is the most critical ingredient in their development. There are many times during the school year when we will be inviting parents and family members to join our staff and students for special activities.