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Montessori Lessons
All of the classrooms are equipped with learning centers that contain different Montessori lessons. The different centers are: Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Practical Life, Science/Geography. Depending on their age level children will spend from 15 minutes to half an hour at a time doing lessons in the mornings. The children can choose what center they will be working in while the teacher works individually with each of them. In a Montessori class not every child is learning the same thing at the same time. It is very common to see children that are different academic levels within the same class. Children are expected to work at their own pace, and to focus on the material that interests them. Some children will excel in phonics while others will like geography much better. Learning is fun and stimulating and at no point is a child forced to learn a material that they are not ready for. The teacher's greatest challenge is to keep the atmosphere in her class light hearted, fun and conducive to learning.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts provides children with time to exercise their creativity while practicing fine motor skills which will be essential for the strengthening of the primary finger getting them ready for holding a pencil and writing.

During the school year, parents can bring a lunch box. We ask that you send a well balanced lunch that will provide your child with the energy he/she will need for an entire day at school. A morning and an afternoon snack consisting of Goldfish, Graham Crackers, Animal Crackers, or Pretzels will be provided to all children regardless of your lunch option. During special events (Pizza Day, Birthday party, etc.) parents will be informed of what their children will be eating in advance. If you do not want your child to participate, please, let us know as soon as possible. Any food allergies must be listed on the Registration Form and parents should also make the teacher aware even though, we take extra precautions to make certain that all of the children's allergies are posted in the classrooms in a visible place.

Two and three year old children will be napping at school. Parents will be asked to bring a 1" mat, sheet, blanket, and a small pillow. Almost all two and three year olds will need a rest time after a busy morning. If your child never naps, please inform us upon registering so that we can make special arrangements for them. Nap time gives children the opportunity to recover their energy. During nap time, teachers will have soft music playing in the class or Sounds of Nature. If a parent needs to pick up their child during this time, we ask that disruptions be kept to a minimum in the classroom. Four and five year olds do not lay down for nap. Instead, these children have a 10 to 15 minute rest period where they can lay their heads down on the table or rest quietly.

There are three different playground areas for the different age groups and all are separated by 6 ft gates. Children go outside twice a day for half an hour each time. All of the playground equipment is safe and meets all of the state requirements. Special care was taken during installation to make the fall zone even wider than required to make certain that children will be safe at all times. There is no access to any of the playgrounds from the outside. Any person needing to enter the playground will have to pass the front office first.

Free Time
At the end of the day, children have free time. During this time, children can choose to read books, do puzzles, or color. This is also a time when children work in groups and enjoy having conversations that are self initiated with their friends. Activities taking place during this time are supervised by the teacher but are not initiated by her