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Classes & Programs at Royal Palm Montessori Academy:

It is our goal to provide children with a sense of acceptance and nurturing that will prepare them for a successful academic future and above all allows them to develop lasting, positive social relationships.

We strongly believe that some of the most important lessons children will learn stem from positive interactions with one another. Therefore, we strive to provide them with an environment that fosters social warmth, affection, and personal

Science Week

At RPMA, it is very important that children learn about their environment. Children in Preschool and Kindergarten have the opportunity to learn about nature hands-on. Every Fall, they are responsible for planting and caring for different vegetable gardens located on one side of the school. About once a week, your child?s class, along with their teacher, will tend to their garden for about 20 minutes. Gardening teaches, children responsibility for living things, and becomes great botany discussion in class.


Children have an amazing ability to learn new information. They have an ability to hear sounds that we eventually lose. For this reason, young children never have a difficulty learning a new language. They can become fluent in a second language almost effortlessly. At RPMA, our language program is fun, hands on, and it encourages children to develop language skills that are useful whether they already read or are just learning phonics. Our language program consists of teaching children basic vocabulary words using stories which they are already familiar with to introduce the new words. Children will act in plays, sing, and dance using the new words they are learning.


Extracurricular activities are available for an additional charge. Once a week a karate and a dance instructor come to our school. Karate and Dance classes are available to all children but do have space limitations. Please, visit our front office if you would like to inquire about these classes


Our daily lives, that it is already necessary To have our children familiar with computers at an early age. Our IPADS are equipped with the latest of Montessori Software and different academic programs. Children visit the IPAD Room 2 to 3 times per week. During IPAD classes, they learn how to work with apps and use them to reinforce math, phonics and language developings skills learned in the classroom.